Ballet fit ®

Much more than ballet, much more than fitness

Created by Gloria Morales, Ballet Fit ® is a discipline that fuses 15 ballet postures with different fitness exercises. A body-mind connection that tones, works on flexibility and joint mobility and makes us become aware, release tension and, in short, feel better.

It includes

  • 2 Ballet Fit ® personal training sessions
  • 1 deep tissue massage (60’)
  • 2 smoothies per training day (Choice of energy, cleansing, anti-hangover or low-carbohydrate options)
  • Nutritional advice and assessment
  • Unlimited access to the gym + Group classes (FUNCIONAL, TRX , GAP , ZUMBA, etc.)


  • Morning Tuesdays and Thursdays 09:30 - 10:30h
  • Afternoon Tuesdays and Thursdays 19:45 - 20:45h

Gloria Morales + Ballet fit ®

Has managed to combine two very different disciplines such as fitness and ballet to create a new sport. If you are looking to tone your body and achieve the elegant figure of professional dancers, be sure to try this experience during your stay at Baobab Suites. Discover the sport that seduces celebrities.


  • Water and towels included