In flames


Kar Bon is a return to the origins of our gastronomy, to its most primitive essence. When our lava island was populated by Guanches who used the products of their land to create a unique gastronomy. We return to our roots: the fire, the embers, KM0 ingredients from the sea and the land, working with small local producers. Because going back to what is simple, to what unites us with nature, makes more sense than ever in an ultra-processed world.

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Fire and Embers, our Essence

A return to the roots: wood-fired and charcoal-grilled cuisine enhances the flavours and gives it an unmistakable touch. From the land to the sea, in the Canary Islands barbecues mean gatherings with the family, with friends, with our own people. The barbecue is part of our traditions. At Kar Bon, we want to pay tribute to this tradition of Canarian conviviality and combine it with respect for the small producers of the island of Tenerife with market cuisine. We have created a gastronomic proposal in which top quality produce becomes the main protagonist of our menu. A disruptive, innovative proposal, Kar Bon will undoubtedly become your favourite restaurant to meet as a couple or with friends.


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